MATRIX (My Trix)


Belated, yes, but it occurs to me a story that seems unorthodox.

Let’s start:  When MORPHEUS calls upon NEO he speaks of humans being converted into battery cells.

Okay, this is bizarre… Why?  Well, if they summoned Neo from deep slumber, then it would suggest that Morpheus had the control over those poor souls.  Yes?

If not, then how come Agent Smith wanted to stop them?

So then, who is control over those poor humans and why did Agent Smith want to destroy everything that sustain their environment?

It’s extremely ackward and frankly, I believe Neo needs to find out “How they got those people and who did this.”

Whadda say?

Right… Let’s ask Mr. Reeves if he believes.

Read you soon,

American Screenplay Writer~DMCJR©December2016




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