SIGNS by M.Night Shyamalan


Extra and far better than a small perception, when I heard with my eyes.  Normally, I read the critiques on a film that catches my fancy.  Yet, this film “has” all the potential to do a sequel.  Why?  Reasons for writer(s) on understanding why a sequel is possible.  First, the film was a deep and intimate film about “FAITH.”  The Martians were just a second hand plot, but, if a WRITER followed the film with earnest, one would definitely find themselves searching their own thoughts.  Second, the characters were in synch with each other.  Mel Gibson actually made me understand that his acting is very good.  I, actually found myself focusing on his dilemma.
Third, the film was extra-ordinary.  It wasn’t about life ending, nor was it about survival.  It took many turns and I am glad the film was in fourth gear to get things moving.  To be honest, Shyamalan did exactly what he had to do.  That was to place the thought of “FAITH” working against it and for it.  The true depth of each character flowed out as the dilemma tightened everyone into a cubicle of 18×25 (the basement). 
Mel Gibson’s character pushed his sincerity of ignorance, to make him understand “WHO” actually controlled his life.  The path was gruesome to learn how he lost it and how he had to make a decision on how to choose the right crossroad path.
This movie was never intended to scare, but to bring suspense.  It allowed me to closely monitor my “faithful” decisions about moi’, and truly find myself learning that the Martians will never have a chance in any world lifetime.  I hope the sequel could restart as the Martians returning back to the farm and allowing DNA structured human life forms mixed with Martian being.  Where Roddy is a Half Martian and Half Human.  Unknowning to Mel, of course, but that’s just me being a writer.
Please take the time to involve your thoughts with the slow intro and enjoy the real idea about screenplay writing.

Keep it up Writer(s).
American Screenplay Writer, aka. daniel.m.constancio.jr with all rights reserved 2011



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